Team Building

Building a high-performing team is an iterative, continuous process. Understanding stages of team development provides a framework that identifies what interventions may be needed at that specific time.

This is the context and introduction again.

  • Team Building
  • Process
  • Productivity
  • Management

This can go through:

  • Tuckman's stages of team development
  • Communication Colors
  • Getting to know each other

As a Team Lead:

  • more hands on
  • more weekly & monthly rituals
    • sprint planning
    • brainstorming
    • retrospectives
  • ad-hoc sometimes

As a Manager of Managers:

  • weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually (various bits, and times for different sorts of team events)
  • cooking competitions (bring in food)
  • working with team leads (weekly)
  • working with TL's and their PO's (monthly)
  • facilitating meetings for the team so the team lead could take part in them
  • join in various team activities—meetings if curious, team events if invited
  • offsites for strategy sessions

But there's also the team composition