Color Systems

Color is one of the most important & influential tools in the designer's tool stack. Explain a bit more on why color's important

This is a more "classic" portfolio story. How I came about it, what I did, how I did it, result.A brief story of colors at Moon Audio. How I came in and found the color palette lacking & inaccessible. Related one: Color palette generator

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Color is a foundational element to any business, product, or screen interface. It communicates well...but its strength is also its weakness; it easily excludes.

Example: Moon Audio

Understanding the customer

Statistically, the typical customer at Moon Audio is male, 40+ years, with money to spare. This informed my creation of a foundational, company color system.

Putting data to use

I systematically evaluated the company’s colors, starting with existing brand guidelines & use on the web-store and content marketing channels:

  • surveyed executives, content production, & marketing departments on their color needs;
  • analyzed colors for accessible contrast;
  • trimmed what didn’t meet minimum standards;
  • built new Brand Colors, based off needs & results;
  • crafted a versatile & purposeful color palette;
  • light/dark-mode logic for long-term product; and
  • documented the color system & usage guidance.