Jonathan Stephens

Timeline of Work & Experience at
2013 – present


UX Designer

i. Front End General

anything without,
clear responsibility,
was ours: to fix & own

UX Designer & Team Lead Product Development

i. Front End General

team lead wanted change;
someone trusted potential.
ended up sticking.

ii. Post Booking

moved to another team:
anything after guest “pays”
better D.I.Y.

Senior UX Designer & Team Lead Product Development

i. Book Process

bottom of funnel,
making checkout easier,
step by test by step

Manager, Software & Product Development

– present

i. Accelerate Track

collection of teams,
without a shared, common ground,
happiest failure.

ii. Locali(z/s)ation

the teams, whittled down;
making global more local,
translations are hard.

iii. Extranet, Pulse, & Connectivity

change of perspective:
web, mobile, and xml dev;
products for partners.

iv. Extranet & Pulse

overextending; burnt out.
first gone: xml

v. Pulse

i had worked with web,
so i chose to work with apps;
ever curious

grow community;
fun time of innovation;
stack development



software always breaks.
reduce risk. deploy... whoops! revert.
blame-free. fix; reflect.

Blog Editor –

designers should write.
source; edit; approve; publish.
learning on the job

brought in some others,
mapped and designed its future;
trust > handover > growth

Elected – Works Council

– present

learned dutch labor law;
employees making a difference;
liable onus.

Towards: integrity
accountability; com-
-passion; and justice.

Elected – Works Council
Exec. Committee; Co‑Chair

not a promotion.
proud of impact, though shortlived;
nothing was “normal”


Insights: Portfolio Mgmt for Account Managers

| Internal Product

Team Effectiveness Survey

| Internal Research & Product

PS Day ’17/18

| Departamental Conference

Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Portal

| Internal Global Resource

Booking Cares Lab

| Mentor for iGeolise – Travel Time; Grand Prize Winner

Mental Health &
Well Being Petition

| w/ Kelly Mullins & Helen Lovett

Insights: Portfolio Mgmt for Account Managers

| Internal Product

3-Year Quality Tech Strategy

| w/ Sandra Ibañez

PS Day ’18/19

| Departamental Conference


Butter:Southern Cooking

| Speaking & Presentation

Design for Front End

| Onboarding Training

Storyboarding in UX Design

| Speaking & Presentation

Git Bisect for Designers

| Presentation & Workshop

10 Principles of Design @

| Speaking & Presentation
w/ Erin Weigel & Phil Hammel

How does the IT Department work?

| Speaking & Presentation at's Annual Meeting

Diversity is easy;
Inclusion is hard

| Speaking & Presentation
w/ John Iseghoni

Inclusion is hard;
it’s the only way forward

| Speaking & Presentation


Playmaker Award

| Playmaker & Inclusionist Awards

Playmaker Award

| Playmaker & Inclusionist Awards