Building in Public

Since 2008, I've built & rebuilt my website. Each redesign has been fundamental in shaping & telling my story, acting as a snapshot of my professional path. My most recent site served as an introduction, built in a week. This time's different.

I'm rebuilding my website from scratch and "from the ground up;" in public.


  • To establish a brand, an identity, thought leadership;
  • To drive traffic to my projects & writing;
  • To manage & have a custom repository my professional career & personal path;

Where am I now?

As of today, I have quite a few pages finished. However, I need a better home-landing page when coming to my website. I've adapted it a bit, but I want to add some directions for people to navigate...even while it's not finished yet. Hopefully, through some additional wayfinding & context, I can also use the data to help inform what I work on next (page wise).


If you have any feedback, please let me know!