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Overall I've had a rough time recently figuring out the overall strategy & purpose of the website. Yes, it needs to be my portfolio

There's multiple parts to what I mean by this. There's simply the challenge of defining the purpose of the site itself:


  1. Accessibly shares my portfolio;
  2. I have more than one "portfolio genre;"
  3. Portfolio as a portfolio piece;
  4. More than just a the "old school graphic design"-meaning.
  5. Source of truth for my personal & professional stories;
  6. The list can go on...but relevant to this thought, nothing much more.

Then, there's the whole story bit. What is my story? How do I tell it?

Multiple Portfolio's


How does one share what they've done, especially when straddling contributing in multiple ways, apart from solely an individual contributor? In the same sense, how does anyone hire any manager if they can't see what they've done, their beliefs, or how they work? This seems like the best route t make something

Individual Contributor

A lot of my work could be considered "out of date" but...I have what I have regarding my work as an individual contributor. However, even in most leadership positions for any Design oriented roles (have seen most VP, Senior Director, and Director roles all ask for portfolios)...they're still needed. That said, this cateogry is way too broad. It needs to be refined somehow.

Having those works, but..there's only two. IC and Managerial can span great differences. So, is facilitation a skill? Is it an IC skill or a Managerial? or something different?

Anyways. Naming things remains hard.

Design Notes


I'm planning to have the multiple portfolios explained here, then you can filter out for each one. I want it to function as a visual tapestry of experience (i.e. more $color means more experience in $portfolio-category).


Writing these is also a difficult bit. I don't want to nake it sound like I just did a research project and put my findings on a page...I need some basic structural elements to write with (categorical sections). I'm thinking:

  • Best Practice (alt: Process, What): where I define what I consider the best practice of doing the thing from my experience..."having an opinion" Applicable to IC/Manager's
  • Vignette (alt: Story, When): A short story that demonstrates this either skill or was a formative lesson, shaping how I use the skill itself?, applicable to IC/Manager's
  • Beliefs (alt: Purpose, Why): The basics of each individual topic, also having an opinion, but more of the Guiding Principles of this task itself.
  • How (alt: Steps, How): a step by step process of specific action points and tasks I would do. Applicable to IC/Managers

Writing/Essays/Stream are lowest priority right now.

It's about getting the portfolio's, about, leadership, and experience pages up. To tell my story properly, across the vairuos entry points, etc.

General Notes

  • I've spent so much time on the Kirby CMS' forums, that I've been upgraded to a Trust Level 1! First forum I've ever had this in. Exciting:
  • I want to open my Github page for this to include a changelog so others can follow, as well as use Github Issues and such for feedback.
  • I'd liek to have a "last updated" thing that automatically gets updated when I push to the site or make a change...
  • For a time in the far future: IndieWeb Connecting, link track-backs, RSS feed, etc.