Hi! I'm Jonathan (he/him)

I help build digital product development teams at scale.

Self Portrait; Den Haag (March 2018) A favorite portrait of mine, from my first trip to Den Haag, Netherlands.
Actively open to opportunities Full-time, Contract, Fractional
Living in Raleigh, North Carolina Past: AMS, RDU, ILM
17+ years experience Corporate, Startups, Agencies, Government
Collector of hats, facts, books, fonts, sticks, tools...etc.
Mission to build more collaborative and sustainable companies.
Career spanning leadership, entrepreneurship, design, and tech.


What it's like to work with me

Jonathan is one of the few people in leadership positions I've worked with who speak truth to power; standing up for what is right and what he believes in. I observed multiple occasions in which Jonathan chose empathy over rank, and integrity over apathy.


Jonathan was the manager I knew could exist but that I’d never had the chance to meet. He is a people person - who focused on delivering results by ensuring the people who reported to him felt safe, respected, heard and cared about.

Senior UX Writer
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Jonathan was my first mentor on ADPList and I couldn't have asked for a better match! He took the time to listen to all the points I brought up (and there were plenty), gave me spot-on resources and invaluable guidance. He's very well spoken, extremely knowledgable, calm and supportive.

Product Design Lead

Jonathan has an uncanny knack at finding the right place for people to grow and thrive and is able to gently nudge those adrift back on track. His teams are high performing and passionate about what they work on as he ensures they have the opportunity to master the skills they need and the autonomy to wield those skills for the best outcomes.

Principal Engineer
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